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Radiator Curving and Bending


L and K have been successfully curving, bending and angling radiators for bay windows for over 40 years . we cover Blackpool and North west and suurounding areas.



Bay Window Radiator Specialist


Space saving – The room can be utilised more efficiently. No need to block all the heat behind a sofa, or move the furniture to allow warm air to circulate from a poorly placed radiator. Most efficient – Extensive research has shown that placing the radiator in the coldest part of the room allows the room to heat up quicker and with less energy input. Most of the time the coldest part of the room is nearest the window, hence the benefit of placing a radiator in the bay window itself.


Benefits of our services


We take a template of your bay.

All lengths of radiators done.

Pickup and return your radiator.

Curved or angled radiators plus grilles.

Radiator pressure tested

Please ring the telephone number above for further information.